Professional, bespoke, smart maps of building floor plans, sites, towns or cities. Scalable to any size. Zoom in or out for greater or lesser detail. Go inside the buildings or zoom out to a national map. Viewable over web browsers for home or office use, iOS and Android devices when out and about and over touchscreen kiosks in either indoor or outdoor locations. Ideal for public or private applications.

Location searches can be implemented through directories, through auto-completion or through the touch features built into the interactive maps. The maps can be managed from any location using a choice of devices through the WAI2Go cloud-based management platform.


Know precisely where your valuable equipment is and know immediately if it is taken outside the permitted zone. Tracking modules can also be worn to keep lone workers or vulnerable people safe. Precise tracking indoors or on site, GPS tracking when further afield. Choice of location fixing, tracking and monitoring mechanisms, including iBeacon support. 2-way wireless messaging across a building, site or town for Internet of Things extensions.

The WAI2Go wireless platform includes a WAItag for tracking and monitoring, a WAIbeacon for gathering and consolidating Internet of Things data and a WAIgateway to deliver the gathered data to either an Ethernet or GSM network.


Consolidate information from any number of external databases, associate it with a geographical location and access it through the map via a smart device. WAI2Go's information broker can deliver the information to Android or Apple devices, digital kiosks or web locations, allowing a write-once/publish-many capability. Developers using the WAI2Go SDK can have access to these external databases via APIs and to a map editor. Advertising information can be incorporated and managed via a client dashboard which operates over the WAI2Go cloud-based management platform.