Our location-aware WAI2Go Platform offers clients dynamic, multi-dimensional map-based solutions to the problems of way-finding and information management, supporting the efficient and smooth running of services and businesses, and enhancing visitor and customer experiences.


Most students, staff and visitors on university, research and educational campuses use a smart phone. WAI2Go can help students to find their way to lectures on time (especially at the start of term!) and staff and visitors find their way to meeting and event locations. Where rooms have multiple names or complex numbering systems exist, WAI2Go simplifies your searches. Multiple layers of information may be added to your map-based searches, including for example staff directories, 'what's on' and 'where to go' information, and even offering individually configured student timetables. Guided tours using rich multimedia information can add a new dimension to open day activities and visitor experiences.

For corporate offices and business parks WAI2Go can assist staff in making reservations for hot desks or meeting rooms, help visitors find their way to meetings or provide them with an itinerary using their smart phone. The platform may also be customised to enable a range of building management and survey functions. For security purposes, such applications may be restricted to authorised visitors, or may offer layers of permissions, and can be configured to operate on-site only.

The WAI2GO platform can be used to map and manage designer layouts for exhibition stands, to assist exhibitor allocations and provide supporting information. The platform may also be customised to enable exhibitors themselves to enter their own information via a dashboard for approval by the event organiser in the run-up to events and for promotional purposes.

Hospitals have many visitors who need to find their way to different locations for clinics, tests, scans etc. Often such visits entail a sequence of destinations. Visitors may not however have smart phones and hospitals also commonly also restrict their use. Touchscreen kiosks may offer a preferable way to provide individual navigational guidance that can also be customised to support advance-planned specific visits. Security and privacy are inevitable concerns in hospital settings. The WAI2Go platform responds to these imperatives by displaying only locations which may be visited by the public. This also ensures that way-finding around complex hospital sites is kept as simple as possible. Meanwhile the WAI2Go Tracker can be employed to follow the movements of expensive equipment, and incorporates an alarm if the tracked item is taken outside the permitted zone.

Help townsfolk and visitors find town information or see what's on and where to go, or take a tour with rich media support. Provide clear displays of public transport information. Alerts and notification services can be used to warn of road closures or lift failure, or to advise of special offers. Advertising services can be included in a subtle and non-intrusive way.

WAI2Go apps can provide a complete solution to guiding travellers to and around an airport. A national map takes you to the airport, an airport map directs you to your desired car park, bus timetables alert you to the next arriving airport bus, maps of the airports public spaces give check-in and pre-departure shopping information, flight updates, and timely routes to departure gates. In-hand updates on travel progress, from your arrival to boarding, makes for a relaxing trip!