Smart Networked Environments specialises in the development and application of assistive technologies and location-based services, helping people lead easier, safer and 'smarter' lives.

Our company was formed in 2011, initially with a straightforward mission to provide an indoor and outdoor campus mapping service. An awareness of the need for such a service arose out of the specific challenges faced by wheelchair users in getting around a large and complex campus at the University of Essex. Such was the versatility of the resulting product however, that Findyourway@Essex was rapidly adopted as the definitive campus map. For SmartNE meanwhile, the project represented a breakthrough in creative thinking with the genesis of WAI2Go, the product now at the heart of our company, a multidimensional mapping and content management system that underpins all of our projects.

The WAI2Go platform is now associated with an increasingly diverse range of functions including mapping and tracking, assisted living, information management, event planning and promotion, tours and tourism. Its many areas of application also give it relevance to diverse sectors, including education, health, public, commercial and industrial settings, whilst its modular design approach makes it highly customisable to individual contexts and client briefs.

We are a young company with a fast-growing and exciting portfolio of products. We design and develop with clearly articulated purposes in mind, whilst striving to remain receptive to new learning and engaged in new thinking. Collaboration is central to our approach and we pride ourselves in our attention to context and detail in all of communications with clients.


We'd love to hear from you. If you're interested in any of our software and would like further information or to discuss your indoor navigation requirements then please get in touch using the contact information below.